Friday, July 14, 2006

anemone form

I suppose it is based on an anemone, but the thing is when you design these things the function does dictate the form. Can be a bit of a limitation when you try and push the envelope. If I was to just think of the best way to assemble pieces of slate that would enable water to flow slowly and evenly over a form, it would most likely resemble some kind of botanical/marine creature.

Funny that. Always intrigues me how a machine for busting up concrete looks the way a machine for busting up concrete should look.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Urchin form

an old one now sold, but I like it. Very time consuming this style with all sorts of computations going into it that I'm not normally predisposed to make. One day I want to make a huge one of these out of Back African Slate. Could be stunning!


They are a mongrel to transport. While they are made to last a thousand years, they can be a delicate thing to get around. I've had one turn turtle on me in the truck once so it forced me to adress the issue properly. I make these re-usable crates now and it makes all the difference.

old one

This was the third fountain I made, I was wondering how far I could push it in this. Loosely based on banksia seed heads with a little bit of samurai helmets thrown in. I was also thinking of Walter Burley Griffin.....not that you'd know it, but I was! Trouble with it is it is quite fragile. Fine once in position, but transporting these things can be touchy.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Poppy headish

Somewhere between a poppy and a marine life form. Notice the difference in colour between wet and dry slate. There is an in-between tone that is gorgeous too.

Poppy head

based on a poppy head!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

He has arrived!

....varp is here...
the Varporium is for the brave and true.